Friday, July 31, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Clouds of La Mancha

Driving through La Mancha on the way from Toledo to Jaen, we passed a calvacade of windmills, all lined up and waiting for Don Quixote. I loved the way they looked up on the hill, under the lovely morning clouds. I especially like the doughnut shaped formation on the right!
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Margaret Gosden said...

Very dramatic and beautiful! I would be proud of that!

Larry D said...

great photo, I like the doughnut as well!

ramblingwoods said...

Ah yes..must easier to leave a comment now. Beautiful sky photo, all we get is rain lately..

You mentioned about the birds being scarce now. There is more natural food but I leave my feeders up because many of our birds have to survive a NY winter and they teach their babies where the feeders are and how to use them and it's great fun to watch. Most are done nesting for the season except for the little american goldfinch who wait for the thistle down to use in their nests......Michelle

Rajesh said...

Beautifully composed shot.