Monday, August 3, 2009

A walk through Tbilisi

In a former life I organized and led a team of American high school boys on a basketball exchange program to the Soviet Union. We spent two weeks in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (now an independent country). The city was lovely, the people very friendly, and I used to go for walks on my own whenever I could. I was heartbroken to hear a good part of Tbilisi was destroyed during the war, and I know Russia wants in again, but here are a few photos I took on one of my walks, starting with one of the most unusual--and prettiest--public planters I've ever seen.I got lots of attention on my walks. You really didn't see women out alone at all (not sure what it's like now.) This guy followed me for blocks, trying to get me to stop for coffee; I finally got rid of him by agreeing to take his photo.
I always did stop for coffee on my walks, sometimes at a peaceful, quiet spot like this; usually, I'd go right in front of the hotel to a little place that has Turkish coffee, which is a bit like espresso except cooked on the stove and with sugar in it.
This is some sort of public weighing station. Never quite figured it out, but it seemed to attract a crowd. Perhaps people didn't have scales at home?


Duchess of Tea said...

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Your EG Tour Guide said...

Two weeks in Tblisi sounds like an adventure. It's great that you didn't have to ALWAYS be with the basketball boys so you could partake of some of the city.